Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Scottish Youth Bouldering Championships

In Qualifying
On the 4th of May was the Scottish youth bouldering championships which were held at TCA Glasgow. It was also the first event where the bouldering team would compete together. The scene was set for a great competition.

So I flew up with my brother, mum, fellow team members James and Ed Mabon and their mum. We arrived in Scotland and we could tell. It was cold and wet! We stayed at an Ibis Budget which wasn't the most luxurious hotel but it gave us what we wanted and was within walking distance from the wall. That night we ate at a lovely Italian which had an amazing ice cream section. They had Oreo flavour and all they were missing was ice cream with Jaffa cakes in it!

Me in qualifying
James on Final 1
Luke in the finals
The comp day. The wall was already busy because of the younger age groups' qualifying round. After some pretty hard moves to warm me up it was time for the qualifying round. I quickly ticked all the easy problems and did some of the more technical ones. I didn't feel that great, I was really nervous and didn't feel solid on the problems. Most of the problems were quite easy though and I did all except two without much of a fight. The two that were left where a different story though. They were on the steepest bit of the wall. The first was a really fight and the moves felt right at my limit but I was lucky, got everything right and got the flash. Next was the final problem a massive prow. I got on, did the first few easy moves and started slapping, I had no control and was just hoping I'd stick the next hold, once again I was lucky and topped out. I was over the moon. I'd flashed every problem in the qualifiers along with my teammates William Bosi, Ed Mabon and was set for the finals.

Ed on final 2
We went out for viewing, this didn't really help because I found out we had a groove, a slab and a steep wall. Saying grooves and slabs aren't my favourite is a total understatement. I was out second to last for our problem number one which was the groove. I stood looking at the crowd as the countdown started. Getting focus. Then it was the time to send. I checked it out again and started. I got the first volume quite easily and could just reach the bottom of the second one. With some interesting hand swapping I got on it. I got myself into the groove and pressed up. I'd got it! Next was problem two the slab. On my first couple tries I had my beta wrong and kept falling but I changed it and stuck the hold. Now came the fight, I almost fell about three times but sketched my way to the top. After talking to my team mates I worked out I was in third place. The third problem, this suited me more and I was just pulling onto the final two holds when my heel popped. I knew this might have affected my position. Next go I fell earlier because of a small mistake. Now it was on, my arms where tired and I'd got one maybe two goes left. I got the last two holds and made the move to the finish hold. It was great to top all the boulder problems. This got me into second place behind Will who did really well and did everything really quick. James, Ed and Luke came 3rd, 5th and 5th.

The Bouldering team chat
It was a brilliant competition, with a great atmosphere. Well done to everyone who competed and those who set it up.

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Thanks to Sandy Carr for great phots.

Final Problem


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