Thursday, 2 January 2014

2013 Roundup

This year has been amazing.  It really started in February half term when I went with some friends to El Chorro, an amazing climb destination in the south of Spain. There I climbed my first 8a+ which was a great start. After that I had a trip to Spain in easter where I did my first 8B called La bombi and my second one called Nina Mala.  During term I took a project at Ansteys cove called Tuppence which was a classic 8b, it was a proper project and a finally got it which was great! Next up was basically the time for competitions and I had the Glasgow bouldering open which I finished second and the Ratho European where I finished 11th.

Poema de Roca L2, El chorro

8a in El Chorro
Next came the summer holidays were first we went to frankenjura to do some outdoor climbing. It had been amazing the last year and it was no disappointment again. I sent three 8a+ and my favourite being Misery. After that I went to Austria and climbed in the Zillertal and competed in Imst where I finished 12th. Next was back home to compete in the Leeds open where I finished 2nd in the boulder and 1st in the routes which was amazing because it was my first win. The World Championships was next and I travelled to Canada which was the first time I'd been out of the Europe. The trip was amazing and I finished in 13th place with great memories.

Leads Youth Open
 After some down time, it was time for the last to competitions of the season, Stavanger and Laval which were my last two chances to make a final. This came easier than I thought! In Stavanger I qualified in 4th place and finished in 7th overall which was great. In Laval which was my first bouldering European. I was really surprised to qualify in 5th position and after the final retain that position. It was crazy. I had half-term where I went to Saint Leger in France. We met up with the Irish and it was really fun I got another 8b called Abrage Nief. Also sending loads of 8a+s and 8as.

Youth Open Sheffield
youth open Sheffield
To finish the year we're to highs. The first was an outdoor one with a second go ascent of Brean Topping which was supposedly 8b but I thought it wasn't that hard. It was still over the moon to get it. The next was my first competition of Youth A, although I didn't do that well in the bouldering and finished 5 but in the lead I won again which was sick! Great End

So goals for 2014, I want to climb 8c basically. I have my eyes on Rollito Sharma Extenstion in Santa Linya, so better get training. Also on a competition front I want to make another final and do some more of the bouldering competitions.

Reve De Pappilion



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