Thursday, 23 August 2012


The Frankenjura is a beautiful forest in Germany and whats even better is it has got loads of amazing climbing. On the first day we went to a crag called Diebisloch which is a 10 metre cave. I flashed all of the routes I tryed one was 7c called King Lui. On day two I finished of a 7c+ which I tryed to do on day one. The 7c+ was called Loveparade and it was sick hard with a vicious deadpoint at the top! On the third day we went to a nice crag in the morning and did a classic 7b+ in the afternoon we went to Holgetzars wand and I did my first 8a of the trip it was L'eau Rage and was a rising traverse with two dynos and a crimpy as wall. Day four we went to the crag by our campsite and I onsighed my first 7c called hercules. It only had one hard dyno but I thought it was soft. I then did another 7c. The next day we went to a small crag to try Bull Power 8a this went second go and it wasn't that bad. I was now focused on doing to 8a's in a day so we went to try Fliegender Grafix which was an amazing route with some of the coolest moves I have ever climbed. After falling on the crux dyno twice a had two more attempts. The first of these two I made it to the top crux and fell there I was gutted! I had one more try to get two 8a's in a day so the pressure was on. To my delight I topped it and I think it might be the hardest route I have ever done! I also got a 7c+ done at the same crag which was amazing. For the final day of the trip I did an amazing 7c second go and tryed another 8a which was vertical! I could do all the moves but couldn't link them!
7b+ flash at Diebisloch

L'eau Rage 8a

Fliegender Grafix 8a

Bull Power 8a

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