Saturday, 1 December 2012


Other the past few months I have been very busy. My first main event was the British Lead Climbing Championships which was hosted by EICA Ratho. I was really excited and wanted to do really well because I had trained really hard and I wanted it to all pay-off. The first qualifier was on the main competition wall. Everybody before me had got to one move it looked really hard and I new that I would have to be climbing really well to get that move. After my pre-route chill I set of climbing the first easy section well. Now came the steep climbing, the moves were long and dynamic but there was a rest before the roof. I stayed there trying to calm myself down once this was done I continued up. On one of the moves my feet came of. Suddenly from being calm and confident, I was panicking and pumped. I set up for the hard move and fully committed but I was just too tired and fell!!

The second qualifier was on the old comp wall which was less steep and required more technic. The route started of with big open handed holds and then there was a hard traverse. I cruised all of this with confidence and was only slightly pumped. The top of the route kicked back into a nasty slab, just what I love!!! Unfortunately I got to a stopper move after having rocked fully over my foot I couldn't quite reach the next hold and fell.

But with this ok effort I made the final in 6th place by the skin of my teeth. Being in 6th place means I was up first on our final route which was once again on the new comp wall. It went right up the middle of it on yellow lapis holds. After walking out and feeling the crowd watching and expecting a great performance. The route was hard from the start with a tricky rock over low down. As the wall got steeper I became more pumped until I had run out of power and fell on a big move of a side pull. I lowered of feeling happy with how far I got but was it enough to get that first place. I watched as Billy Ridal fell much lower than me because of a mistake. Then Alex Waterhouse made the same mistake. I breathed a sigh of relief as ultra strong Dom Burns fell a move before me. Up next were Angus and William I watched with great respect as they both cruised past my point to fall high in the roof. With that I finished a good 3rd place. The next thing for me is the European Championships in Gemozac and a trip to the Russan area. So I'm going back to training and hopefully I'll do well.

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