Saturday, 1 December 2012


After leaving Gorge de Tarn we travelled to Gemozac for the European Championships. This is the biggest competition I've ever been to and you needed security passes to get in!!!! After chilling with the team for a couple of days the morning of the competition was just a sleep away. After a good nights sleep I was ready to crush. I was on early in our first qualifier so I was really calm and I climbed the route without a flaw until I pulled over onto the vertical top section of the wall and was faced with horrible holds and technical moves. After dispatching the lower section of the wall I was so focused but this proved costly because I climbed past a crucial clipping position and then couldn't clip so I jumped for the next hold but wasn't near at all. I was disappointed because I could have done loads better on that route and if I had topped it I would have made the final. The second qualifier was surprisingly easy for me I was shaking before a vertical section of the wall. The holds on this bit were little cracks which I had to go to in control or else I would miss it and fall. There was one more move for me to do before I got of the vert-dirt and onto some steep climbing. I reached to the first crimp which was an intermediate hold rocked over and tried to stab into the next pocket but I hit the edge in that split second I stabbed a couple more times to try desperately to  hold myself on but it didn't work and I fell. That was it. Another hold on ever route and I might have made the final but it wasn't to be. I finished 13th equalling my best result.  I didn't feel to down though because watching the finals in the evening was truly amazing and showed what a good spectator sport climbing was. I flew home with the team with my head held high and ready for the next EYC at Kranj in a couple of weeks time. I was desperate to make the final there!

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