Saturday, 1 December 2012

EYC Kranj

I had been told that I would love Kranj and it would suit me perfectly with powerful and bouldery routes. I wasn't disappointed. On the flight to Slovenia I was really excited to see what it was going to be like. I'd never been to a country that was once communist and was less developed than the other countries I've been too. Once I arrived my eyes couldn't take in all the scenery at once. From run down housing estates to nice old streets filled with bakeries and expensive shops to rugged mountain landscapes. It really did impress me. Once we arrived we went out into the town and visited a old bakery for lunch where I had a massive bit of pizza covered in lots of different types of vegetables it wasn't what I'd usually eat but it was really nice none the less. We walked further down the main old street and it lead us to a view point above the river. This was brilliant fun because it wobbled loads so we all jumped up and down on it to see if we could break it and fall 100 foot into the water below which in hindsight wasn't the best idea! The second day was fairly boring until to my surprise I was given the option to go and see Skyfall in English seeing as I hadn't seen it I was excited to  see it and I loved it especially the seats which were so comfy I didn't want to leave! The next morning the time for joking around was over it was comp day and I wanted to end the year on a high with a final. The first qualifier was really easy to just above the roof where there was a good rest but then I had to do a long move to a crimp match it and then a long move out of it which was quite hard but I managed it ok. After then slapping to a sloper and pressing into the roof I was completely boxed I just got the clip in before my fingers uncurled and I fell. I was really pleased with this because I couldn't get any high than I did and I was in 11th place so I had a good chance of making the final if I did well on the next route.

 We went back to the hotel and I retired to my room for a power nap. I kept telling myself to keep calm and climb hard and if I did my best I could do it. I knew I could do it. But would I do it is the question. We walked back to the wall and I was feeling good and postive. When I saw the route it only made me want it more. The route was steep with a roof in the middle but then a rest and a really hard bit at the top which the rest of the team had fallen of before me. It was my turn up next and I sat below the route watching William fall on the obvious crux at the top. It was my turn now, my turn to give it all I got and my turn to make final. I climbed quickly through the lower sections of the wall and arrived at the rest.  I stayed there for a while making sure I was fully recovered. Now it was my turn to try the top crux I did the big move into the jug on the roof and quickly moved to the crimps at the lip, swung my heel up and started to pull really hard to the crux hold, I just caught it and it was much worse than expected. I tried desperatly to gain some purchase on it but it just wasn't happening I slapped wildly for the next hold only really trying to get the plus point because that make make the difference. I was gutted as I lowered of having failed but I was still hoping I might just make the final. After waiting for all the climbing to finish and the scores to go up. I was gutted!! 11th place!!! One hold of making the final was probably all I needed. This was defiantly heart braking! Although in the long run it will be good because now I am really psyched to train like stink as Ian puts it so eloquently and I am ready to crush the youth open at Liverpool Awesome Walls!! 

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